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Green Island, Taiwan

Idyllic in its towns, green grass as its tapestry, and showcasing almost everything that an island could offer, Taiwan is one of the most underrated gems for a tropical destination. Earlier this year, we went with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law to this incredible country. I’ve visited Taiwan twice before, but was too young to […]

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Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania

There are few places that so vast yet so serene that make you stop and take everything in. Gettysburg is one of those places. It is a place rich with history, sacrifices, and reverence. Each monument and statue that revealed events and casualties were purposeful. All the old barns that shielded soldiers from their enemies […]

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Quito, Ecuador

A few weeks ago, I had my second chance of visiting South America. This go around, I was in Ecuador for two weeks, mainly in Quito, Ecuador. There’s something about Ecuador that’s so enchanting. It has its metropolitan parts, yet still retains personal character with its vast mountainous ranges, the sea just beyond them, and […]

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